All events over 100 people are canceled immediately upon the decision of the government of the Czech Republic.

KaBaL International 2020

KaBaL team Karviná, z.s. in cooperation with the Czech Badminton federation, z.s. invites you to KaBaL International Karvina 2020, which will take place on 12-15 March. The international tournament belongs to the International Series category. You can look forward to men / women singles, men / women doubles and mixed doubles. The tournament will take place on 5 courts.


Thursday March 12

  • 08:30 Official Start
  • 09:00 Qualification

Friday March 13

  • 09:00 First and second round

Saturday March 14

  • 09:00 Quarter-finals
  • 16:00 Semi-finals

Sunday March 15

  • 09:00 Finals


  • Adults 1 day:: 40,- CZK
  • Adults 4 days:: 100,- CZK
  • Children under 15 years old: FREE OF CHARGE
  • Pensioners from 65 years: FREE OF CHARGE

Racket restringing

Tomáš Přeček / tel.: 737 214 315


14 €, the price for racket stringing when you bring you own string is 7 €.
Stringing machine ASHAWAY EX 7900L/N

Practice facilities

The practice court is available for the whole period of the tournament. Players can use all courts after the end of the game day. The schedule will be available at the tournament information desk.

Contact person – Peter Krupka, 00421732846293,

Q: Will there be accreditation? – and players identification?
A: There will be players accreditation. Players will get „entry bands“ on hand or bag.

Q: Warm-up facilities – where?, how many courts?
A: There will be one practice court and fitness centre also available for all players.

Q: Practice facilities – where?, how many courts? and who wi ll be in charge of organising the practice schedule? (contact person for the MA/coaches/players)
A: The practice court is available for the whole period of the tournament. Players can use all courts after the end of the game day. Schedule will be available at the tournament information desk. Contact person is Mr. Peter Krupka 00421732846293,

Q: Players facility – relax area – where?
A: At the venue, soft mats will be prepared for players.

Q: Info for players/coaches (audience) – where in the venue? – at the hotels?
A: Always at the venue or information desk/notice board.

Q:Transfer schedule – where published?
A: At the venue and hotels.–KjfNSJeZrY_2cMy53diOqnF8Xj-IWfjd9w/viewform?usp=sf_link

Q:Is there any disturbing air current in the hall? – is there air condition?
A: There is no AC and no disturbing air.

Q: The flooring mats – are they in good condition? Have they been ok in the last tournaments or have you had to do a lot of repairs/re taping? Who will be in charge, at all times during the tournament, for Field of Play management – repairs (mats, nets, measuring devices, posts, umpire chairs, scoring devices).
A: The mats are in excellent condition, we also have spare ones prepared. There will be person in charge of repairs etc.

Q: Scoring devices; Electronic? – ipads? Who will operate?
A: Electronic, paid service, tablets.

Q: Players and TO meeting / assembly point?
A: yes

Q: Position of Match control og Referees table, TO seating, LJ area?
A: Directly at the venue with view on all the courts.

Q: Bwin? Live-streamin? TV?
A: There will be live stream available, Czech National Sport TV will broadcast final matches. Jaza stream will be arrange all. NO bwin. Link will be available at the official tournament website.

Q: The briefing room, for TMM and Umpire briefing. Is it in the venue or at the hotel? Does it have all the equipment that we need, f.e. projector?
A: Hotel Stars has available meeting room with projector..

Q: Drug testing facilities?
A: We will prepare room in case of any drug testing

Q: On court doctor, the whole tournament? – First aid?/physio? – Speak english?
A: There will be doctor available at the tournament and speaks english.

Q: Stringing service?
A: Yes, directly at the event.
14 € / 350CZK. The price for racket stringing when you bring you own string is 7 € / 150CZK
Stringing machine ASHAWAY EX 7900L/N, Tomáš Přeček / tel.: 737 214 315

Q:Media facilities?
A: yes

Q: Spectators seating?
A: yes

Q: Social function?
A: Restrooms available at the hall

Q: Shuttles? 2 speeds? – Quantity?
A:76,77 Oliver APEX 200

Q: Can players and Member Associations receive refunds on flight tickets and hotel accommodation if a tournament is postponed or cancelled?

A: The postponement or cancellation is not within the control of tournament hosts, but is caused by the COVID-19 outbreak (therefore a Force Majeure).

  • Tournament hosts cannot be held liable for costs of flight tickets and hotel accommodation booked by participating players, Member Associations and other participants.
  • BWF advises that participants try to get refunds on flights tickets from the relevant travel agency or airline (this is often dependent on how the original flight ticket booking has been made). During this challenging and slightly uncertain period of time, it should be considered that flight bookings be made where it is possible to cancel the ticket and have the payment refunded.
  • Regarding hotel accommodation booked through the tournament host, the booking conditions informed by the host will apply. All tournament hosts are expected to try their best to mitigate against the unfortunate circumstances caused by a postponement or cancellation and hosts should seek to discuss solutions with official tournament hotels. This will have to be handled on a case by case basis, and, if it cannot be secured that prepaid amounts are refunded, participants may be liable to pay full amounts in line with the booking terms informed in the prospectus.

Organized tournaments

Karvina City

Karvina is a city with a rich history which can be admired in the city center today. Although Karvina is thought to be a modern city, in the oldest part of town called Frystat, you can see a beautiful chateau with a park and the historic square with a unique cast-iron fountain and town houses. The historic centre is complemented by the Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, whose origins date back to the 14th century.

The current site of Karvina was a strategic location on the mercantile route from Hungary to the Baltic Sea and therefore commerce, crafts and services were founded here. The biggest development of the area occurred in the mid-18th century due to the discovery of coal. The city was connected by the Northern Railway thanks to Emperor Ferdinand and became an important industrial center of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The estate was visited by the most important rulers, including the heir to the throne, Franz Ferdinand d’Este and the German emperor Wilhelm II .

The historic center of Karvina consists of an urban conservation zone with a pleasant atmosphere of old streets. The chateau has been restored and attracts lovers of history to one of the finest permanent exhibitions in the region. Visitors go to admire Darkov spa with the dominant Darkov Bridge, the undermined areas of the Karvina region as well as to the leaning Church of St. Peter of Alcantara.

One of the world’s most famous models, Petra Nemcova, was also born here along with the athlete Sarka Kašpárková. The Olympic champion, javelin thrower Dana Zátopková, also spent the first six years of her life here.

More about the city: WWW.KARVINA.CZ



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